Choose Your Medication

Choose Your Medication

How to use

From the home page
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  • Conditions , scroll down on the 21 condition you want to look at
  • Medications , scroll down on the 150 medicine you want to look at

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, use the navigation icon to take you to choose a condition or choose a medication

Use the Navigation Icon at the top Left Hand Side to give instructions on how to use the site, information about Mistura Apps, shortcut to the conditions and medication pages.
Summary leaflets are also available in addition to the News section,

More Information
1. Medicines

  • Select a Medicine. We have included over 150 medicines used in mental health, each with at least 30 questions
  • Select the question you want to look at for the site to show the answers
  • Each of the medicines has links to the conditions it can be used for
  • The medicines are all listed as their “Approved name” i.e. the name of the actual medicine itself. The approved name is the same all over the world. You may know the medicine by one of its trade names. Trade names may be different in different countries e.g. sertraline is an approved name of an SSRI, and its trade name in UK is LustralĀ®. The Americans find the word “lust” in a drug name a bit much for them so in USA it’s called “Zoloft”.

2. Conditions

  • Select a condition. There are 21 or so conditions, each with at least 14 questions
  • Select a question you want to look at to show the answers.
  • Each of the conditions has links to the medicines mentioned
  • Most of the links will open in a “New window”, which means that you shouldn’t get too lost.

3. Leaflets
The App has leaflets on
You can do several things to have a printable version:
1. Print a whole document

  • Click the print button link under the “Useful tools” section or
  • Click your Browser’s print button

2. Print a handy summary