Choose Your Medication

Choose Your Medication

The info guide to help you decide

Welcome to the Choose Your Medication: Mental Health Application which gives essential information on over 21 mental health conditions (including depression, psychosis, dementia, anxiety, alcohol or substance misuse), over 150 medications used to treat them and the other treatments available (including self-help and help from others). It answers most of the questions you could ever want to know about these conditions and medications in an easy to understand language.

Written by UK experts about UK licensed drugs, it is all ways up-to-date with changing UK guidelines. It can help increase your knowledge of your condition and/or medication and can provide a better understanding of your treatment options. It also provides handy summary leaflets that you can save or print off for future use.

Use this App, the information and the leaflets either yourself, with your family or together with your healthcare professional to ensure you get the best out of treatment available to you.

Last modified: 23rd October, 2014

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